INeS Inland Navigation eLearning System

Terms of Service

§1 INeS Danube — Inland Navigation eLearning System for the Danube Region (1) The ILIAS e-learning system INeS Danube was developed in the framework of the project EWITA (, funded by the European Commission within the Marco Polo II-Programme. (2) INeS Danube offers participants web-based learning materials for personal use exclusively. (3) If you have any questions regarding this agreement, please contact:
Sabine Gansterer Subject: INeS Danube — Inland Navigation eLearning System for the Danube region via donau — Österreichische Wasserstraßengesellschaft mbH Coordinator of the EWITA project Donau-City-Straße 1, 1220 Vienna, Austria Tel.: +43 50 4321 1405 Fax: +43 50 4321 1450 Email:
§2 Copyright (1) By accepting this agreement you are expressly acknowledging that INeS Danube comprises information, texts, pictures, videos, graphics and other materials that are protected by copyright, trademarks or patent rights and that copyright and exploitation rights belong exclusively to the EWITA project consortium or the sources mentioned. §3 Use of information and materials (1) You are authorised to use, display, download and print out the materials made accessible to you within INeS Danube. This right refers only to personal, non-commercial use. (2) You shall not duplicate, use, sell, transfer, publish or otherwise make INeS Danube materials available for other purposes. (3) You are permitted to use the INeS Danube materials in seminar papers, papers and articles, provided that the provisions of copyright law are observed. This consent is subject to the condition that each use of INeS Danube materials is identified by a correct source notice. (4) The above permission does not include postings to news groups, mailing lists, electronic bulletin boards or other electronic distribution channels. §4 About this agreement (1) This agreement can be viewed online under the "User agreement" option on your personal log in page. (2) The EWITA project consortium may amend any provision of this agreement at any time. Amendments are effective as soon as they are published on line. If you do not accept the amendments, you are required to terminate your subscription to INeS Danube. By continuing to use INeS Danube you are accepting the amended agreement and you are bound by the terms of the agreement as amended. §5 Changes to the platform (1) The EWITA project consortium may alter or discontinue parts or certain functions of the product at any time. The EWITA project consortium can accordingly limit the use of and access to the INeS Danube platform and the period and scope of use at any time. However, the EWITA project consortium will endeavour to keep downtimes to a minimum and to ensure that all the functions are available at any time. §6 Charges (1) Personal use of the ILIAS e-learning system is free of charge. §7 Registration and password (1) By using INeS Danube subject to the terms of this agreement, you are making the following undertaking:
  • That the information you stated within INeS for registration purposes are complete, correct and up-to-date.
  • That you will not disclose your user ID and password to anyone.
If you have knowingly supplied false user information or if you deliberately do not update your user details if a change occurs, or if you in any way infringe the terms of this agreement the EWITA project consortium shall be entitled to withdraw your user right provisionally or permanently. (2) You are responsible for all use of INeS Danube that takes place by means of your user ID and password. You must ensure that your user ID and password are protected from unauthorised use. If you become aware of or suspect wrongful use of your access data, you must inform the EWITA project consortium without delay. §8 Termination of INeS user right (1) You can terminate your right to use INeS Danube at any time without stating the reasons, simply by notifying the EWITA project consortium of your decision. (2) The EWITA project consortium can suspend access to INeS Danube in part or completely or terminate your user authorisation if the INeS Danube materials are used (by you or anyone else having access to INeS Danube via your user ID and password) in a manner deemed by the EWITA project consortium to be a breach of this agreement or that otherwise causes the EWITA project consortium to suffer a loss. §9 Warranty and product liability (1) INeS Danube services, information and materials are offered on an "as-is" and "as-available" basis. No warranty applies. (2) You expressly acknowledge that the INeS Danube materials are used at your own risk. The EWITA project consortium does not warrant that the program functions will meet the user‘s requirements or that they will work together in the user‘s chosen selection. Neither the manufacturer nor the developer will be liable for any damage caused by use of the program. §10 Notifications (1) The EWITA project consortium can use eMail, postings within INeS or conventional letter post to send you notifications. Notifications by the EWITA project consortium shall be effective from the date of sufficient efforts by the EWITA project consortium to reach you. You can reach the EWITA project consortium as described in Paragraph 1. Your communications to the EWITA project consortium are effective from the date of receipt of the communication by the eWIT project consortium. Vienna, 1 June 2010