Project Description

PROMINENT, a project funded from the Horizon 2020 programme, will address the key needs for technological development, as well as the barriers to innovation and greening in the European inland navigation sector. PROMINENT thereby is fully in line with the objectives of the European action programme NAIADES-II. PROMINENT is ultimately aimed at providing solutions which make inland navigation as competitive as road transport in terms of air pollutant emissions by 2020 and beyond. In parallel PROMINENT aims to further decrease the energy consumption and carbon footprint of IWT, an area where IWT has already a strong advantage compared to road transport

Learning Modules

4 Learning Modules on the following topics are provided, including learning materials and assessments:
  • Use and comparison of transport modes
  • Economic geography and infrastructure of waterways
  • Multimodal Transport
  • Innovative transport concepts and green logistics

Case Studies

3 Case Studies on different topics are provided including a Case Study for students and a Teaching Note for lecturers.

Other Prominent Courses

ADN, Ship Stability, Energy Efficient Navigation
On this website Learning Modules as well as Case Studies as part of a Capstone Course on the topic of inland navigation are provided!